Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Packaging Viewsource

For this project each member of the class was assigned something to do. Boris Chao and Adam Hilts were to package Dehydra and Jshydra, I was to package Viewsource, and Alex was to make the repo. At the moment the other classmates tasks elude me.

I started out wondering where I even get a tar file for viewsource so I was told I had to go to the viewsource directory. Downloading all these files and then putting them into a tarfile would have been a lot of work and time but I decided to do it UNTIL I found that there was a viewsource.tgz in scotland. In the interest of time and work I decided to use this. I made my spec file, with a certain difficulty I might add.

Chris Tyler, my professor, told me through IRC
"So you could tar these up and use that as
Source0, have an empty %build section, and then
custom-install files in the %install section (see
the nled spec file if you need to see how to do

So I used this tip to help make my spec file. I

My specfile can be found here.

The real issue I had was that my setup section looked like %setup -c -T when it should have looked like what I have there now. After this I had an issue that said certain files were installed but not unpackaged so all I had to do was add those files to the %files section.

After I finished this, I put my RPM into hongkong's /var/www/http directory and can be accessed here for the repo master to get.

Viewsource Rpm

That's all for now, cya later.

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